Financing provides cost effective capital equipment financing to our clients. Leasing your Ethospace workstations is an option that comes with a variety of benefits:


  • 100% cost coverage
  • No need for 20% – 40% down payment as typically required with a bank note
  • No need for additional collateral
  • Prospect holds onto their capital
  • Tax advantages
    • IRS179 for accelerated depreciation
    • Off balance sheet financing
  • Financing from $4,000 – $4 Million and higher
More Reasons for Financing Your Purchase

  • Conserve Your Capital – Your money and credit lines should not be tied up in equipment. Leasing provides affordable monthly payments and no down payments or application fees. You retain the maximum amount of cash for business opportunities or emergencies.
  • Obsolescence Protection – Makes upgrades to existing furniture possible, allowing you to keep pace with a growing work force. What’s more, you can typically match the lease term with the expected useful life of your furniture.
  • Possible Tax Benefits – You may be able to deduct monthly lease payments as an operating expense.
  • Flexible End Of Term Options – Leasing allows you to make the best possible decisions for your business, at the end of the lease term, when you are in a better position to understand your future system needs. You may choose to purchase your system outright, upgrade, return the system, or continue to lease it.