Components and Panel Heights


  1. Panels of various widths are stacked to achieve the desired overall panel height. Your fabric and paint colors can be customized.
  2. Surfaces are available in a variety of lengths & colors. Made of durable wood or laminate.
  3. 2-Way Connector pictured above. 3 and 4 way connectors are used to create common-wall configurations.
  4. Flipper Door Unit: Locking overhead storage for binders and other material
  5. Full Height Shelf: Open, easy access storage
  6. Half Height Shelf: Open, easy access storage
  7. Keyboard Tray: Fully adjustable
  8. Powered Panel (Kick Plate): Provides power to the workstation
  9. Lateral File: High-capacity file storage for letter and legal size documents
  10. Rolling pedestal: Filing on wheels. Create more knee space or counter space as needed.
  11. Standard Pedestal: Comes as a File/File Pedestal with two 12″ filing drawers or a Box/Box/File Pedestal with two 6″ utility drawers and one 12″ filing drawer
  12. Interchangeable Panels: Panels come in styles and colors and are easily changed to meet your design needs. Can be glass, metal or covered in fabric. Tackable, non-tackable, and sound absorbing panels are also available.

Workstation Panel Heights

Workstation Panel Heights

38” H (No Privacy)
Low panels provide no privacy and are useful when communication among associates is
encouraged or required. They are also useful in facilitating supervision and are commonly used
as reception stations.

46-54” H (Seated Privacy)
Seated privacy panel heights provide a degree of visual privacy when seated. They are
typically used in environments were some privacy is useful, but communication, interaction, or
occasional supervision is helpful. Ideal for call center applications.

62-70” H (Standing Privacy)
Standing privacy panel heights afford general visual privacy in the workstation even when
others are standing. Full use can be made of overhead storage in this range.

86” H (Full Privacy/Private Office)
Private office panels can reach full ceiling heights, providing complete visual privacy and
sound privacy.

Combination Panel Heights
It is also common to utilize a combination of taller and shorter panels to customize a workstation to meet specific needs.

* 46″ and 62″ panel heights are available but uncommon