Remanufactured Workstations

Value conscious buyers and an increased awareness of environmental issues makes
buying remanufactured workstations a popular option for many companies. What’s good
for the environment, really is good for business!

What is a remanufactured workstation?

The definition of remanufactured workstations is “reused office furniture with added
value.” Products are completely disassembled, inspected, cleaned, repaired or replaced,
reassembled and refinished to “like new” condition. Our process also includes new fabric
and paint for a professional and distinctive look, and either the reuse or replacement of
work surfaces with LEED compliant work surfaces.

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Why is this good for the environment?

Industry experts estimate the weight of an average workstation at about 1000 lbs and the recycled content of a remanufactured workstation at approximately 85%. By choosing a remanufactured workstation, an average of 850 lbs. of waste, per workstation is diverted from our landfills.

What are the other benefits?

Our remanufactured workstations are LEED compliant, can be installed within a few
weeks and are priced up to 50% less than new. Instead of settling for pre-determined
selections, we offer you an almost limitless range of colors, finishes, fabrics and
laminates allowing you complete creative freedom to match any design or color scheme.

In addition, our designers take into account your needs, budget and personal preferences
to plan your space and create your unique image. Professional delivery and installation
services are provided by our full time installers.